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The 6th Sydney Sea Slug Census

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 6th Sydney Sea Slug Census. This year we received

data from 24 participants who covered sites including Bare Island, Clifton Gardens, Blue Fish

Point (North Head), Camp Cove, Inscription Point and Long Reef rock platform. Participants

spread their efforts over the 2 days of the census with many covering 2 different sites. With 53

species photographed, the count was much higher than last year (29 in 2019 – but terrible sea


BEST NUDI SPOTTERS (with the highest count for the Census) – Team Party Boy (see below for

the team list) blitzed it with a massive 40 species. Some great spotters in this team and some

very nice images too!

BEST PHOTO – Many good images were submitted, but the title of best photo was awarded to

Team Party Boy for a face-on image of Janolus sp. Syd6 (see page 5).

MOST INTERESTING SPECIES – There is no doubt about the most interesting species found this

year – the incredibly beautiful Janolus sp. Syd6 (below, left). This undescribed species has not

been found in any other census event (including outside Sydney). Judging by the fact that it was

found by 3 teams, it was present in reasonable abundance amongst its host bryozoan. A very

close runner-up was the colourful Okenia janjukia photographed by Minh Tran (below, right).

The format of the 2020 report is a little different to previous years, with species presented in

their phylogenetic order. This means that species are grouped by their broad taxonomic

classification which means that it is easier to compare similar animals. We also provide the

total number of groups that recorded them as well as the initials of the photographer/team.

Participants/Teams: Charlie Elliott (CE), Monique Lissen (ML) & Allyson Groth (AG); Chris Ross

(CR); Eric Schlögl (ES); John Turnbull (JT), Lou de Beuzeville (LdB) & Martin Puchert (MP); Jon

Wilson (JW); Josh Batchelor (JB) & Lindsey Gilbert (LG); Kris O’Keeffe (KoK) & Kim Dinh (KD); Minh

Tran (MT) & Belinda Thompson (BT); Salvatore Gambacurta, Adad Were, Felipe Malbec & Steve

Coutts (Team Party Boy - TPB); Shelley Xia (SX) & David Painter (DP); Suzanna Cowling (SC3);

Victoria Gray (VG) & Nuria Rubio (NR) and Daniel Vaughan.

Finally, a very big THANK YOU to:

All of you for your enthusiastic participation and to the URG organising team who once again put on a great and popular event.

Our sponsor - Marine Explorer (John Turnbull) -

Happy slug hunting and hope to see you all again for the 2021 event in Sydney. Remember, there are also events in other parts of the country – notification of these will be made through the network of Facebook and web sites (the main one, Sea Slug Census, can be found at this address:

You might also be interested in 2 recent publications that provide illustrated lists for: i) the coastal species of NSW; and, 2) the species occurring at Lord Howe Island. Both can be downloaded free of charge at the following links:

Coastal NSW -

Lord Howe Island -

Steve Smith and Matt Nimbs


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