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URG has several members who are certified for Reef Life Surveys. These are the most challenging, but also the most rewarding surveys that you can do as a citizen scientist. They follow a strict protocol, gathering fish and invertebrate data over a 50 m transect. Divers identify species, abundance and size class for every fish and most invertebrates in the transect. Every time you do a reef life survey you learn new species, behaviours or relationships in the ecosystem. Best of all, the data is gathered in a large global database that is used by scientists to analyse the health of our marine ecosystems and has contributed to several high profile scientific papers.

Reef Life Survey training is free for all URG members who can commit to conducting the survey several days a year. We mainly do the survey around Sydney but also travel to Jervis Bay, Western Australia and Lord Howe Island in Queensland.

Learn more about Reef Life Survey.

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