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  • Do you only do research?
    No. We are a social dive club that also participates in research and environmental programs. Around half of our dives have some sort or research activity, but this is entirely up to the divers involved.
  • Do I need a buddy?
    You don’t need to bring a buddy with you. We buddy up on the day of the dive to make sure everyone has a buddy they are comfortable with.
  • Do I need my own gear?
    Yes; unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to hire or lend gear. We do have working arrangements with dive shops including discounts on fills and purchases.
  • Where do you dive?
    We dive all over the place. We do trips up and down the coast as well as throughout Sydney. Most weekends we conduct a double boat dive in the Sydney area. We also typically do at least one overseas trip each year.
  • Can I put my two bobs worth in to where we dive?
    Yes, and this is encouraged. It is your club. Each dive has a Convenor who plans the dive based on the conditions and the wishes of the members involved.
  • Do I need to be an experienced diver?
    All you need is your open water certification from any of the certifying agencies. If you are new to diving, we will buddy you up with an experienced diver on your first few dives with us.
  • I just signed up to be a member, how do I pay for it?"
    Your membership application will need to be reviewed and approved by the URG Committee prior to commencement of your membership. This process will take up to 1 week. Once your membership is approved, you will receive an email confirmation, at that time you can arrange payment via bank transfer to the following account: Account name: The Underwater Research Group of NSW Inc BSB no: 032-006 Account nr: 920656 *Please include your name as reference
  • I don’t use Internet banking, how can I pay for my membership fee?"
    You can visit a Westpac Bank branch nearest to you and make the payment over the counter to URG bank account (see above for our bank account information)
  • Can I pay with Cheque or Money Order?
    Unfortunately we do not accept payment by cheque or money order.
  • Where do you meet for boat dives?
    The boat is currently moored in St Georges motor club, Sans Souci. It is up to the convener as to what time to set off, but generally people meet between 7am-7.30am with a boat departure at 8am.
  • When and where are your socials?
    Generally we meet on the first Tuesday of the month at The Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay from 6.30pm. Details will be provided by URG in advance to confirm timings and location.
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