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Grey Nurse Shark Research

Around the world, shark populations have been in decline with as many as a third of species now endangered. Older than trees, sharks have been on this planet for around 400 million years and have survived multiple extinction events, and yet in the last 50 years they have been pushed to extinction.


The URG club has been collaborating with Valerie Taylor and the SpotAShark team to help promote research into the Critically Endangered Grey Nurse that live along the east coast of Australia. The genetic diversity of our Australian East Coast population make them distinct from other populations of Carcharius Taurus found around the world in South Africa, America and Western Australia. 

Divers can capture photographs of this shark species and upload to SpotAShark where identification can be made and we can determine if this shark has been seen before, so that we can learn about their migratory movements, their friendship groups, their health and the population size. This is important since there has not been an official census of this species since 2000.

Learn more about this project at SpotAShark

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