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“You can help the planet by both our marine debris program and by recycling drink containers with Return and Earn and Re-Collect.

More than 160 million bottles and cans are littered in NSW every year. With most of these ending up in our oceans and beaches. We need your help - by recycling bottles and cans, you'll be helping the environment.


You can now support our conservation work through our marine debris program by donating your eligible bottles and cans directly to the Underwater Research Group in two different ways using  Return and Earn outlets in NSW or join the ReCollect.


Return and Earn it's easy as 1,2,3;

  1. Download and login on the myTOMRA app

  2. Press Charities, look us up, and set our campaign as your preferred payout method

  3. Scan your barcode at your local Return and Earn machine, return your drink containers and press "TRANSFER" on the RVM screen when finished.

ReCollect is everything you need to recycle your bottles, cans, mobile phones, electronics, and clothes from the comfort of your couch. Download the app. Book a pickup and donate to the URG Dive Club. Just follow the link to get started.


We have provided several blue bins to clients to participate on the re-collect model, if you are interested please contact the URG team.

100% of the funds will be transferred to us.  And provide our volunteers with air fills, coffee and meals when they dive to collect rubbish and debris from our waterways. 

Thank you for your support.

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