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At URG, we have been diving around Sydney for over 70 years. We know all the best dive sites, and visit them regularly on our weekend double boat dives; sites like Henry's Head and Magic Point. Our convenors also schedule dives to less well known sites to give some variety; in total we have over 40 dives in the Sydney area in our dive book.

If you are interested to join us on our next boat dive, and are a FULL member, please open our dive calendar (google doc) and if you see an available timeslot that suits then add your name and message the convener. 



We will shortly create an individual page for each of the dive sites we visit regularly and list the most common species frequently spotted on each site. In the meantime, you can click on the live map below and watch the video at that location.



A project by URG member John Turnbull, Click on the marker on the map to watch a short video of the dive at that site. We’ll be adding more videos regularly so bookmark this page!

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