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Welcome to Underwater Research Group of NSW

Since 1953

URG is a not-for-profit scuba club like no other! We're a passionate community of divers, dedicated to research, marine conservation, and adventure. From exploring uncharted dive sites using our dedicated dive boat to leading unforgettable marine projects, there's always something exciting happening with us.

Our diverse group welcomes all, whether you're an experienced pro or a new Open Water Certified enthusiast, as long as you can come equipped to dive (we do not provide rentals). With our 100% safety record and dedicated mentorship, to help you learn more about the underwater world, or how to drive and maintain a boat, you're in safe hands with us. Dive into a world of opportunities, from local research projects to exciting international dive trips, and become a part of our vibrant underwater community.

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Underwater Research Group of NSW. Come dive with us



Are you getting cold before/after a shore dive? In the boat? Just generally cold all the time? It's time to buy URG hoodie! And while you're at it, why not grab a URG mug as well for your hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Or a backpack to put your change of clothes in. 

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