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URG President’s Report 2020

This has been a challenging yet exciting year for URG.

  • We’ve had to contend with massive bushfires and Covid-19.

  • We now have our new boat in the water and operational and the dive calendar is pretty busy – can always do with some more convenors.

  • Our membership has grown and we’re looking good for the coming year.


  • We didn’t do as many boat dives over the last 12 months largely due to Covid and the transition to the new boat.

  • 23 boat dives, around half what we did last year.

  • It’s hard to say how many shore dives, but we’ve been pretty active particularly with RLS and debris shore dives.

  • Thanks to everyone who contributes – divers in the water and convenors are our lifeblood.


  • New boat is a 7 m Cape Cat, and thanks to many volunteer hours by Pablo, Josh B, JV and others it’s set up really well.

  • It took 40 mins to drive it from the marina up to Sydney Harbour for RLS this year.

  • Fast and seaworthy, so we can go further afield over the coming year.

Events and Research

  • Whilst some of our plans were thwarted eg Jervis Bay, we did get lots of Sydney RLS done this year – more than usual in fact.

  • 71 surveys over 31 sites – thanks to Josh, Kris, Lou, Martin and some help with boat drivers and sitters

  • Sea Slug Census last November

  • Weedy Seadragon program – has been a bit quiet but will look to re-activate it in coming months

  • Marine debris surveys – several dives feeding in to UNSW research, thanks Kathy

  • Social has been a bit quiet as we haven’t had access to the Oaks room. Will re-commence once we get the go ahead.

Media and submissions

  • Six Bulletins this year – aim is to get back to monthly, but we need content

  • Converted our web site over to Wix – thanks Rianti!

  • Web search “Dive club Sydney” we come up third; #1, 2 and 4 are dive shops

  • Facebook – changed to public Group; 171 members. Quite active – 11 posts in September so far – but some more would be good


  • thank Josh, will read report next

Membership and Committee

  • Membership – we have 69 members – 14 of whom are new to the club over the last year.

  • Big thanks to Committee over last year – kept the organisation on track even though we haven’t been able to meet over a beer in recent months. Big thanks to Denise, John V, Lou, Josh B, Duncan, Pablo

  • I’m standing down as President after 5 great years but will remain on the committee as Research Officer.

  • 2020 Committee nominations – refer to returning officer after Josh B.

And to finish, some photos from a glorious day out doing RLS in July - photos by John Turnbull:

Report by: John Turnbull


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