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URG Christmas dive and marine debris clean up

Author: Rianti Bieler, Photos by: Rianti Bieler

It's that time of the year again! This year we decided to combine URG Christmas dive with our 4th Dive Against Debris clean up dive (this should earn us brownie points from Santa!). We broke our clean up record with over 400 pieces of plastic fragments found (incl. food wrapping, plastic bag, bait bags etc) among the usual fishing lines, lures and sinkers 😭 Plastics are truly not fantastic...

We also found quite a few (plastic) parking infringement notice in the water, accidentally blown by the wind or they simply believe the fine will magically disappear if they throw the notice in the water? 😉 Most unusual findings are a traffic cone and car battery. In total, the ten fabulous URG divers pulled out over 40kg of debris (the car battery and fishing sinkers made up a big proportion of that).

But it's not all doom and gloom today as we also had a lovely time catching up with fellow URG-ites over tea, coffee, fruits, snacks and Lou's Elf on the Head entertainment. Thank you to the URG divers & land helpers who participated and to Living Mosman for the ongoing support.



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