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Threadfin Reefgoby (riolepis nuchifasciatus)

Author: John Turnbull, Photo by: John Turnbull

The threadfin reefgoby is a mostly tropical species that is found around mid-to-northern Australia. Perth and Sydney mark the southern extents of its range. It grows to a maximum length of just 4 cm, and hides in crevices, so it’s not often seen despite its bright colours. Fortunately you can reliably find this little colourful fish in Clifton Gardens if you know where to look. Over the last couple of years I’ve seen them reliably in two spots - the stepped ledge around the pylon about six back from end of the jetty on the north side (the one with the two big morays in it), and out around the admiralty anchor 20 m or so north of the jetty. They’re hard to photograph due to the narrow crevices they prefer; it’s hard to get focus and light in there, but if you’re patient eventually one will flit into the right spot. Nothing like a goby challenge to make your dive!!


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