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Seal Diving in Narooma


Narooma is a small town in NSW about 5 hours south of Sydney. It’s the gateway to Montague Island, which is home to a couple of very playful fur seal colonies, and the best spot for a weekend with the “puppies of the sea”.

The New Zealand fur seals are slightly smaller and darker than the Australian fur seals. Both types are interactive and playful in the water. The boat ride to the island takes about 20 mins depending on the swell, when you pull up and weigh anchor all the seals on the rocks sit up and begin to head towards the water to play with you.

Hanging about

The seals alternate between hanging upside down at the surface to watch you or playing chicken - rushing at you with their mouths open or sneaking up behind you to tug on your fins. They are mischievous and adorable and it’s impossible to be bored!

Playing Chicken

If you are lucky with the visibility then the area is absolutely beautiful. Apart from the seals there is plenty of other life to see, from Grey Nurse Sharks to shoals of fish and the occasional turtle.

URG President Duncan Heuer

Quick Facts

  • We stayed at Narooma Palms Holiday Units (clean and comfortable)

  • We ate dinner at Wildfire @ Lynches (we recommend the curries)

  • We did the dives with Underwater Safaris ($140 for a double dive not including any gear)

  • We spent the afternoon at the Blue Pool in Bermagui (gorgeous and worth the 30 mins drive if it’s sunny)

Bermagui Blue Pool


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