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Reef Life Survey - April 2021

By John Turnbull

URG members have been busy giving their time and expertise to conduct Reef Life Surveys on the east coast of Australia over the last few months.

Kris O’Keeffe, John Turnbull, Josh Moloney, Lou de Beuzeville and new RLSers Josh Batchelor racked up a total of 30 surveys in Sydney up to early April. Some locations, like Bare Island, have multiple sites (east side, west side and south side) whilst others like Bluefish Point are worth visiting just for one site!

John Turnbull was lucky to get a chance to survey Norfolk Island in March, joining a crew of 4 other RLSers from other states to complete all key sites over a week-long stay.

Then in early April Kris, Josh B and John joined north coast RLSers Margo and Ash, local Sue and new RLSer from SA Flora to survey Jervis Bay, completing 32 surveys in 4 days. Despite some big winds and swell, the team got to survey outside the bay, and the north, west, south and Bowen Island sites.

Sydney surveys have now recommenced, as the conditions continue to improve after the floods, and Port Stephens surveys are planned for May. It’s a busy time for anyone prepared to master the skills of RLS, but most rewarding too!


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