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President's Slate - January 2021

- By Duncan Heuer

Despite a return to relative lockdown over the New Years period, we have been fortunate to still enjoy local dive conditions on our club boat. The first outing of the new year was skippered by Pablo. Check out Charlie’s review of that dive because we saw a lot of interesting marine animals including a pygmy pipehorse.

Reef Life Survey is starting up again and dates are being finalised for the end of March. More on this to come. We are also trying to secure accommodation in April for another Jervis Bay trip. If you are interested in RLS dives please speak to John Turnbull. While on the topic of research dives, one of the challenges we have is finding volunteers to coordinate the projects. If you have a subject in mind that you would like to be the focus of a citizen science project please let us know. We will then approach the researchers who need data and find out how we can help.

Since COVID hit our monthly general meeting at the Oaks in Neutral Bay has had to cease. We expect that in the next few weeks we will be able to resume these. These are great opportunities to get to meet other club members so look out for comms soon.

We are also starting to think about monthly shore dives to help members get to meet and know one another. Myself and Charlie are convening a shore dive at Kurnell on the 27 Feb. All are welcome, and there is a Facebook event set up for updates and information, so please come join us and stay for a picnic afterwards. We are seeking volunteers to host and organise monthly shore dives, so put your hand up if you want to run such a day in March.

Teaser: Pablo and his partner Greer have something exciting shaping up in early March to get URG back involved in clean up dives. There is a big event which we are looking to be part of so keep an eye out for comms about this.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in doing a photography dive and sharing tips on settings and techniques let us know. We can incorporate these activities into one of the shore dives.

Hope you all have a great February.

Duncan Heuer

Male weedy seadragon - CTB at 14m depth


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