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Julian Rocks - March 2021

The name says it all. This was the place on the east coast that had always eluded me. So, in March 2021 we finally made it to Julian Rocks. Conditions were not great it was grey and overcast and the water was green with 5 meters viz, but it was 25 degrees.

Janet and I dived with Blue Bay Divers and went out of Brunswick Heads. Highly recommended. The big cat made easy work of the slight swell as we crossed the bay to moor at the first site. We did The Nursery to the Needles and then moved around to Hugos Trench. Coral life is not as prolific as was expected but was patchy between algae areas. Tropical fish dominate and in large numbers.

Topography was reef and bommies then more dramatic canyons and drop offs at the second site.

Guided dives started well with a big black lionfish at the mooring. The highlights were the Leopard sharks, free swimming and too numerous to count. We also found saddled toby and mimic leatherjacket swimming together with the latter pretending to be a Toby ie poisonous. Also, a Spanish dancer.

Other life included: butterfly fish, magpie morwong, stripeys, smooth flutemouth, snapper, southern fusilier, spotted and dwarf wobbegongs, cod, yellow lined goatfish, mauri cod, white eyed eel, lobsters, sergeants, fingermark bream, black coral trees, sweetlips, clown trigger fish, and Clarks anemone fish.

All in all, a very good dive. Thanks to Christina and the crew at Blue Bay Divers. I can’t wait to get back and try it with blue water.


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