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Escaping predators through the butt…with great lines like: “Aquatic mollusks also show great proficiency in butting out of painful situations.” Or this one: “But some animals deceive fate, escape towards the light at the end of the intestinal tunnel, and burst out to freedom from the butt.”

An article on a lab being envisioned to sit on the sea-bed and be equivalent to the International Space Station…I have to say (and JV would disagree): why? The logistics of the space station are hard because they have to be. Why have a lab on the ocean floor for people to live in when they could live….above? I mean, I get it. Fun, and cool, and great view. But not sure I get why.

A depressing article on the scale of the plastic problem we are facing.

This article claims eating Sea Bass is better to not eat microplastics. Of course, NOT eating seafood would be an even better idea…

Scientists have discovered at least 16 distantly related species of fish that absorb up to 99.5% of light, making their ability to hide from predators and prey in the deep. I have to add a picture of a handsome fellow taken by Karen Osborn, Smithsonian: “The Pacific blackdragon is a fearsome-looking creature, and one of the ultra-black fish species described by the team.

Measuring phytoplankton in an effort to look at global warming in Arctic waters. ☹

Ask JV. I just read blah blah. Something about electrodes and using something found in shrimp shells to make them better somehow for batteries.

This article discusses a blue hole (an underwater sinkhole) and explains that they are interesting to scientists because of the biodiversity found in them.

This scientist is researching in a biological haven with undescribed species in Patagonia. But with water temperature at about 10 degrees I’m not sure I could do it. Even for science.


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