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Fish Rock "Rocks" URG

Five hours North of Sydney is South West Rocks, the home of Fish Rock island the

jewel in NSW diving and located 2Km off the coast of Smokey Cape, it is in my

opinion just the best. It’s proximity to the continental shelf allows an incredible

diversity of both temperate and tropical species, from Grey Nurse Sharks to

Juvenile Emperor Angel Fish (pomacanthus imperator), the list is diverse. We were

lucky enough to see a fever (group) of Large Stingrays, hovering in the current.

On the surface Fish Rock gives no indication of the 62 metre cave that lies below,

or the spectacular and confronting array of marine life that awaits any intrepid diver

that enters. I say confronting because if entering from the deep entrance (24 m),

you swim over 3 or 4 huge Wobbegong sharks resting on the bottom and then

ascend up a vertical chimney with only your torchlight piercing the darkness. The

reward is the spectacular abundance of marine life that live in the cave, over 100

painted rock lobster (panulirus versicolor) adorn the crevices and one or two

endangered large Black Cod (Epinephelus daemelii) attempt to hide in the darker

corners. Grey Nurse Sharks are regularly seen silhouetted in the shallower (12 m)

eastern side of Fish Rock as you exit.

There are many other dives around Fish Rock that don’t require entering the Cave,

these include Colorado Pass, Fish ‘N Chips, the Aquarium and a number of others I

am yet to attempt. Being an island, Fish Rock allows many places to hide from the

sometimes energetic currents, so there is nearly always a protected dive site to


We dived with South West Rocks Dive Centre, their professional approach to

diving, local knowledge and general protection of the Fish Rock marine life, make

diving with them a pleasure.

John Swift

The happy divers; Michael Abbott, David Arnold, Janet Abbott, Joshua Batchelor,

Harriet Conwell, John Swift


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