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Dive Report - Sunday 22nd November 2020.

By Janet Abbott

Motors passed the test and started without any hiccups, so all gear was loaded and with 6 members on board we headed out of Botany Bay destination Magic Point. From March 2000 the club used to go there 4 times a year to count Grey Nurse, but sadly none there now.

With Kris onboard we were all on the hunt for Weedy sea dragons, but alas, none were spotted.

18m -18 degrees C, viz 8m, clear on top, a bit murky further down.

We were not disappointed, lots of species between the first and second cave. The ones I remember: 2 female big Black Smooth Rays;1 Banded Wobbegong; 5 Spotted Wobbegongs; 100+ Old Wives (holding a meeting between the rocks); Ladder Fin Pomfrets galore; One Spot Chromis (in mating colour); Yellow Tails;2 Octopus; Stripeys; Mado; Bulls Eyes; Comb Wrasse; White Ears.

Also a few nudies, 4 of the species we often see.

Back into Botany Bay for our 2nd dive at Henry’s Head…

22.9m -16 degrees C, viz 8m murky on the way down, clearer on the bottom.

Amongst all the colourful sponges, lots of nudies,1 Giant Cuttle, Blue Morwong. Down on the sand line we found 6 Weedy Sea Dragons.

The others saw a Red Indian fish, but we were not that lucky.

Thanks to all those on board who made it a truly enjoyable day out on the boat.


Images by Kris O'keeffe

Images by Kris O'keeffe


The following group page has been created "" intended as a community effort to collect information about absence / presence in NSW of Common Weedy Seadragons. Feel free to join and add sighting information or any other interesting observations related to the Common Weedy Seadragon . And a reminder that the following project is looking for your Seadragon photos "" .


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