2015 - Total species found: 43

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Will Owyong & Cath Shorthouse, John Turnbull & Yolana Kailichova – both with 18 species. 

BEST PHOTO – Ian Shaw’s image of Goniobranchus tasmaniensis

Download Sydney SSC 2015 result

2016 - Total species found: 53

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Tom & Nicola Davis with 18 species. 

BEST PHOTO – Duncan Heuer’s image of Miamira magnifica

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2017 - Total species found: 70 (23 of these had not been found in the last 2 censuses)

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Deb Aston, Ted Aston and Kim Dinh. 

BEST PHOTO – Ron Walsh’s image of mating Ceratosoma amoenum

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2018 - Total species found: 61 (14 of these had not been found in the last 3 censuses)

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Dan Vaughan and Sandra Gendera with 38 species. 

BEST PHOTO – Wilson Leung and Kathy Law’s image of Nembrotha purpureolineata

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2019 - Total species found: 25 

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Wilson Leung, Tom Chun, Frank Bai, Steven Kong, Agnes Chan & Kathy Law with 15 species. 

BEST PHOTO – Minh Tran's image of the common but undescribed Elysia sp

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2020 - Total species found: 53 

BEST NUDI SPOTTERS - Salvatore Gambacurta, Adad Were, Steven Coutt and Felipe Malbec with 40 species. 

BEST PHOTO – Team Party Boy's image of Janolus sp. Syd6

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