Shark Point

Featured image of Mat & Bluey by John Turnbull –

When John asked me if I wanted to go diving at Shark Point I said sure, then asked him where the heck Shark Point was exactly. Being relatively new to Sydney I’m still being exposed to the diverse range of dives on offer. On arrival, John discovered that he had forgotten his regs, however being the master diver that he is decided that a pony reg would do, and that he could inflate his BCD by mouth. So on a chilly Monday morning in late August we both took that breath taking plunge off the rock ledge (timing the swell well) into the water. After the cold shock of water rushing into my wet suit through the many ill placed holes subsided, the first thing I noticed was the abundance of Port Jackson sharks. At one point I couldn’t look in any direction without seeing one. I don’t usually see these sharks often, so it was a ‘little bit special’ to see so many in one spot.

The dive was great on a whole, from memory the vis was a good 10+ meters, and according to my dive watch it was a chilly 17 degrees with the dive lasting around 57m, with John leading me around the point into the bay where we exited opposite the Clovelly surf life saving club. Along the way there was much to see; Cuttlefish pretending to be Delisea pulchra (a red algae), a stray Pineapple Fish (Cleidopus gloriamaris), an Eastern Blue Devil, an array of sponges, corals and algae creating a high level of diversity as well as the usual Blue Groper tag along. An enjoyable dive, one that I would highly recommend checking out.

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