Reef Explorers Down Under – Great Southern Reef Program

Australia’s Great Southern Reef (GSR) spans the coastlines of NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and half of Western Australia. It is the coastal home for most Australians, worth more than $10 billion per year, yet there is so much that we don’t yet understand about the GSR.

Of the four projects under the GSR Program, URG is active in three:

  • Weedy seadragons – URG members have been monitoring this unique and charismatic animal for several years. We are leading the ongoing monitoring in Sydney as well as the photo-matching process using the I3S software.
  • Crayweed restoration – URG was involved in the original proof on concept which helped scientists to design a restoration approach that works.
  • Shiprock project – URG is leading the citizen science activities on the Revisiting Shiprock project, which involves monthly dives to record the biodiversity on this culturally significant site.

You don’t have to be a member of URG to get involved in the GSR program; just visit the Reef Explorers Down Under website to do the Safeguarding the Reef survey. Of course we welcome new and existing members who want to dive with URG as part of the program.