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First URG Boat Dive of 2021

Article by Charlotte Elliott

2020 was a slow year for URG boat dives with some teething problems with the new boat and then the Covid lockdown. With the boat now working well we’re hoping to see a lot more divers out on the water this year and the first Sunday on the water bodes well for a great year of diving.

With all our gear on board and Pablo at the helm we headed out to try and dive the whale watching platform for the first URG Boat dive of 2021. Swell was not in our favour so we headed back across the bay for a more sheltered spot at Henry’s Head. Descending the anchor line we found beautiful sponge gardens, some chilly thermoclines and decent viz. The cooler summer has really helped keep algae blooms down and we’ve been rewarded with better than average viz on many dives.

Henry Head Sponge Gardens

For me it was an amazing couple of dives, I found so many of my favourite creatures, Giant Cuttlefish, Weedy Seadragons, a Pygmy Pipehorse, Ceratosoma Brevicaudatum nudibranch, Red Indian Fish.

It was brilliant to be out on the water with some new members joining us. There was a bit of swell about and we really felt the benefits of the double hull. Looking forward to many more days on the boat this year! - enjoy a video from the day by our president Duncan Heuer.

Red indian fish

Pygmy pipehorse

Ceratosoma brevicaudatum nudibranch

Tylodina corticalis???


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