Parsley Bay

Feature image of mourning cuttles (sepia plangon) by John Turnbull –

Five brave/smart/stupid divers (Rianti, John, Mat, Janine & me — Yanir) ignored the endless rain on Tuesday 26/8 and went to explore Parsley Bay. The main goal was to find seahorses on the shark net. Two seahorses were found by me, but unfortunately everyone else missed out because I found them just as the rest of the group started swimming back to shore. Despite frantic tank banging, no one came back to the net. So if we follow Rianti’s “pics or didn’t happen” logic, no seahorses were spotted on the dive.

Razor clam feeding - Pinna bicolor by John Turnbull

Razor clam feeding – Pinna bicolor by John Turnbull

Apart from the seahorses (or lack thereof), it was a pretty good dive. Visibility was reasonable at 5-10m with occasional patches of <1m, and the water temperature was 17C (warm enough for semi-drysuits, though Rianti and Janine preferred staying dry). We stayed down for about 80 minutes. We saw about a million cuttlefish, an eel, various types of fish (I haven’t completed my RLS training so I won’t attempt identifying them), about a billion bottles (definitely more than cuttlefish), and way too much rubbish — next time we’re in the area we’ll probably do a cleanup dive. All in all, it was a good way to start the day. Everyone agreed it was a dive site worth revisiting.

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