Dobroyd Head

Where to dive when a strong westerly starts a’blowin? Dobroyd Head that’s where; situated in Sydney Harbour north of Middle Head & west of North Head. It is a pleasant reef dive with max depth approx 14m, so it’s good as a second dive after diving outside the heads. You can choose to stay at the 5 to 10m depth and head north/south along the reef or you can head slightly deeper (eastward) to the reef/sandline edge which is where a male weedy seadragon was sited at 14m depth. Other ID’s were; blue groper, ladder fin pomfrets, one spot cromis, maori wrasse, silver trevally (lots), long fin pike, sweep, mado, yellowtail scad, octopus, cuttlefish, sawtail surgeons, and lots of nudibranchs, other invertebrates and sponges.

Unfortunately at this site we also found A LOT of marine debris, closest to the southern end. The debris consisted of a lot of bottles (plastic and glass) and other fishing/boating debris. This site is therefore a definite for a designated URG clean up and most likely periodically thereafter. The squatters huts are at this headland so some debris could come from there but it looked to me to be more like items that went overboard off boats.