Diver Profile: Mat Skye

The best day diving is any day where the vis is good, the water is warm and there is a beer waiting for you at the surface.



1. How I started

I didn’t really start to dive properly until I was around 20. I had done a fair bit of snorkeling and casual spear fishing but I didn’t really think much of diving until I started my marine science undergrad. I decided to do my open water down in Tasmania and never looked back.

2. Top dive/s

Tough one to answer. My first real deep dive in Deep Glen Bay in Tasmania will always be a memorable one. Nosy Tanikely in Madagascar is also a really impressive dive.

3. Top wreck dive/s

I’ve never actually had a proper wreck dive. One year I was diving in WA with a friend and we stumbled upon an old car. Not really what you would call a wreck dive but it’s the closest thing so far!

4. Night dive/s

Did a night dive down in Tassie near Bruny Island to help survey some benthic fauna. At the time there was a lot of bio-luminescent plankton in the water and near the end of the dive during the safety stop the water surrounding us was full of flickering bright blue dots. Bit special.

5. Most scarey dive/s

Most of my dives have been fairly placid, but I guess if I had to pick one it would be a dive from last year where I was doing some E.radiata surveys in the Solitary Island Marine Park. We had been down for a while and the conditions weren’t great (surge pulling and pushing us around). One of the divers I was with had used a tank from a previous dive and ran out of air near the end and had to use my air. You learn how to deal with it in your dive training but it’s a lot more frantic in real life. It all ended well though.

6. Weirdest buddy

Couldn’t say a bad word about any of them. All top guys and gals!

7. Favourite piece of equipment

At the moment it would have to be my GEO 2 dive computer. Such a good little watch, I’ve had it for 2 years now and hasn’t let me down once, and it’s taken a good beating.

8. Favourite buddy

Would have to be Luke Reynolds. We dived together on a volunteer trip in Madagascar. Crazy guy but heaps of fun to be around.

9. The best days diving ever!

Any day where the vis is good, the water is warm and there is a beer waiting for you at the surface.

This article originally appeared in March 2014 bulletin – [ddownload id=”283″]