Diver Profile: Janet Abbott

My Weezle makes getting out of bed early on a cold day much more bearable. It keeps me warm in the water and stops the cold wind biting me in between dives. I love it.

1. How I Started

I did the Open Water and Advanced courses back to back. Dive number 1 was 21.12.97. Log book reads… Camp Cove 5.8m, 48 minutes, vis 2-3m, absolutely freezing, shivered continually, saw 2 cuttlefish. Courses completed Jan. 98. Dive number 10 was at Port Villa, Dive number 16 at The President Coolidge. It took me until September 98 to buy myself enough gear to start diving in Sydney. Dive no 65 was my first on the URG boat on 17th October 1999 at Blue fish Point.

2. Top cialishowtobuy.com/ dive/s

Difficult question as I have really liked so many. I do like warm water, so Palau, especially the German passage, watching the Manta Rays at their cleaning station was awesome. Lembeh Straight with its amazing critters. Finding a Delicate Ghost Pipe fish on The Centurion, and being Circled by a school of Kingy’s at Bengally Head were another 2 dives I hope I never forget.

3. Top wreck dive/s

Bonegi 1 and Bonegi 11 in Honiara, the Yongala and the Coolooli.

4. Night dive/s

On holiday, Pacific Gas,PNG. Depth 8 -.9m for 57 minutes. No torch light allowed so we swam down a mooring line to take up position on the bow rail of the wreck. Nothing to do but wait and watch for flash light fish to swim out of a hatch. Bubbles are extra loud in the dark, and not being able to monitor air and time was tricky, lucky for me I was next to Mr Swift who heard his computer’s alarm before we went into deco. At home, Shiprock at night is pretty with piles of Decorator crabs.

5. Most scarey dive/s

Pimpernel Rock. Live drop from commercial operator’s boat into a strong current. Michael helped me get to the decent spot and told me to follow the others. I thought he was behind me, but found at the bottom (38m) he wasn’t with me. It was quite dark, but I soon spotted John Swift. I asked could I join him and Dave Carroll. Half way up the rock Michael joined us. The scary bit was the current, extra use of air and exhaustion. From then on I’ve not been keen on a strong current going the opposite way that I want to go!

6. Weirdest buddy

One took my reg out of my mouth just to see how I would react.

7. Favourite piece of equipment

There is no doubt or contest, it has to be my Weezle. It makes getting out of bed early on a cold day much more bearable. It keeps me warm in the water and stops the cold wind biting me in between dives. I love it.

8. Favourite buddy

Michael of course.

9. The best days diving ever!

Another difficult question. I have been lucky to have had lots of good days diving at home and on holidays, with hopefully lots more to come. One day at Magic Point with the best vis ever, saw a Clown Toby and Grey Nurse sharks. Then when back on the boat and four whales swam side by side, broadside, under the URG boat. They were so close we could have touched the one at the bow. Shame no one had a camera on the boat that day. Diving gives so many good memories.