Dive Sites at North Head

So in reference to the previous description of the conditions at North head, this description is in fact anywhere between North Heads most seaward point and just before Old Man’s Hat. You can dive anywhere along this cliff from a small boat. To find Old Man’s Hat you travel in from the sea along North Head to the first headland after entering Sydney Harbour and look for the round flat rock balancing on the top of the cliff which looks like a man’s beret that could fall into the water and it is further designated by a water level fishing platform. What are the dive sites to be found at North Head? There are many sites and amongst the regularly ones dived by URG NSW and working in from the point are:

  • Telegraph Point Lookout, deeper and with more of a wall that runs N-S.
  • The Bombs, out from the wall starting at Telegraph Point
  • Tumble downs, typical North Head but also has a larger plateau area in 8-10 metres of water worth exploring which is tongue of reef that sticks out towards the south into the harbour with a rock tumbledown on each of the east and west sides of the tongue.
  • Little Waterfall, drops off a little quicker to depth
  • Cup Sponge Reef a little shallower as in from Little Waterfall and has lots of cup sponges and more of a kelp and sand area
  • as well as a new shallow site yet to be explored created by the Rock fall just east of Little Waterfall.