Adopt A Dive Site – Camp Cove

Garbage. Rubbish. Trash. Dross. Whichever word you choose, it often ends up in our waterways. It doesn’t “go away.” Especially plastic. Marine life ranging from plankton to whales ingest plastic. Plastic is found in 90% of sea birds. Animals get trapped and die in our refuse. There is no “away.”

On Sunday 15 May the URG did its first clean-up dive as part of Project Aware’s “Dive Against Debris.” It is a year-long project of monthly dives of an assigned beach. Nine URG members waded into the water at Camp Cove to gather up the assorted bits and bobs that made their way into the water. The divers were Yanir (organiser), Martin, Lou, Rianti, Pablo, Denise, John, David F, and Pete.

After about an hour underwater everybody regrouped in the carpark and emptied their collection bags. The rubbish was sorted, catalogued (the results to be sent to Project Aware), and properly disposed of.

The Results?

Approx. 200m fishing line
(2) plastic beverage bottles
(9) plastic bags
(4) cigar tips
(7) plastic cutlery/plates
(6) fishing lures
(13) food wrappers
(5) drinking straws
(23) misc pieces of plastic
(13) glass bottles
(52) glass fragments
(2) pieces of rubber
(2) rubber bands
(1) cigarette lighter
(6) metal fragments
(2) aluminium cans
(10) fishing hooks
(38) lead sinkers
(1) pull tab

Well done team, and hope you join in next month!